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Calves, calves and more calves!

So here it is, my first ever blog! Persuaded by my daughter Bethan to take a few minutes out of my day every so often to write about what I’ve been up to. She’s convinced it will make a good read! Personally, I’m not so sure but I promised her I would give it a go and since it’s raining this afternoon,  the option of this vs getting wet makes it seem like not a bad idea after all.

So what have I been up to? Calves, calves and more calves! At the moment my days are filled with feeding calves; as soon as I finish the morning feeding, its time to start the afternoon feeding again. It’s not always like this I must admit, it’s just a very busy time at the moment where a lot of our cows give birth. We are a very hands on system and want to ensure our calves get the best possible start in life, so as soon as they are born we give them colostrum to guarantee they get all of the essential vitamins and minerals they need to keep them healthy, so if a calf is born at 2.30am then its colostrum at 2.35am!


Each calf has its own allocation of milk and fed twice a day until weaning. As I’ve said it’s pretty hands on and the calves are more or less looked after on a one to one basis (by me!).It’s hard work as they need a lot of attention but it’s very rewarding and I do love it.

And on that I do need to share my excitement of my new calf feeding toy! Seriously, Christmas has come early!Before I worked out that I was lifting over 500 litres of milk every day and bucketing everything by hand (no wonder I was always exhausted and could hardly walk), but now my life has been transformed with my new automatic pump feeder which I call my milk cart.  It hitches onto our quad bike, I fill up and away I go!

It only arrived last week but I’m pretty sure it will keep me smiling for a quite a long time.

The next few months, are still going to filled with calves as we have over 80 cows to calve between now and Christmas, with 8 arriving today.  So I’m not really sure if I’ll have something different to talk about on my next blog as my days will still be filled by calves, but I’ll try and think of something.

Janet x

P.S  hope this was a ‘good read’ as Beth put it.



5 thoughts on “Janet’s Blog

  1. Brilliant Janet! Keep up the good work (hard), the calves will appreciate it even if no one else will. Love your new toy, think I’ll ask santa for one too 😃

  2. Well don Jan brilliant blog-obviously your days writing notes at Usk were not wasted- & they make more sense than Mrs Higg’s waffle!! Nice to know what you are up to & this seems the only way to keep intouch with you!!! The cottage looks nice too good luck with that!! Anne x

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