New Arrival

Much to my surprise I have something other than calves to write about on my second blog.  Yes, the calves are still coming thick and fast and continue fill my days and the milk cart is still going like dream, but we also have a new addition to the team, little Meg! 

A Hunterway x Collie (who will not stand still for a photo no matter how hard I try, so thanks for the assistance Beth), Meg is now 10 weeks old and full of character and actually bit of a madam to be honest, but I do love her.  She is great company feeding the calves but not the most helpful I must admit. Having to watch her every move is like having kids again and the fact she is all black is far from ideal during these dark winter nights. I’m so tempted to get her a little high vis jacket! 

The plan is that Meg will become our very own ‘cowdog’ and help bring the cows out of the cubicles into the milking parlour. Her breed is known to be very calm around cattle which is exactly what we need.  This however, is very much dependant on my youngest son Hywel actually training little Meg since Hywel will be the one spending the most time with her.  At first, I was hopeful but now after couple of weeks at Pantglas, it seems as though Meg is very much boss and both Hywel and I (me I think more so than Hywel), are running around after her and pampering to her every need, but how can I possibly say no to such a cutie (Meg this is, not Hywel!)

So I guess for now, it’s just going to be me and Meg on calves.

Janet x

2 thoughts on “New Arrival

  1. Love the new addition she’ll have a fab time with you all, keep up th blog good to hear what’s happening down there.
    love Helen xx

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