Quick Update

Hello to my very limited number of readers!

I’m really sorry for the long delay and extended silence. Unfortunately, it isn’t because I’ve been sunning myself on some lovely dessert island with no signal or cows to disturb me (I can dream!), as always it’s been rather hectic here again.

Spring thankfully came after what felt like a long winter, and now all of a sudden it’s August tomorrow and I honestly feel as though I’ve lost the last few months somewhere, where did they go!

I’m not going to mention the word summer or anything to do with the weather, as in all honesty the vast majority of my day at the moment is either thinking or talking about the weather! With some cuts of silage done (and already in use!) it’s been all eyes on the skies and the BBC in order to get the timing just right. So as you can imagine tension has been quite high, especially now as we haven’t had much rain on our next cut yet. I know…. Farmers, we are never happy!

Cows are back calving again, Meg has grown but hasn’t really made any improvements in the training department, but I continue to live in hope. We’ve had a couple of tractor breakdowns, been busy quality sampling the milk and grass for silage, moving heifers and then moving heifers again after they escaped (twice!).   

And to be honest that’s about it really, I’m not sure how that little paragraph can make up 5 months of work, but somehow it has. Slightly deflating as I’m constantly on the move from 5am every morning. You would expect I would have more to write about than a couple of sentences, but before I know it its 4pm and time to start the parlour and crack on with the calves again.

Beth and I are both trying to tackle ‘time management’ at the moment. She’s flat out at work (and socially as well must add) so came to me with a list of ‘20 things to cure poor Time Management’ as recommended by someone on Google. She was convinced this was going to sort us both out…needless to say were both a month in and still with a massive to do list each, feeling completely disorganised and not gained a thing! Personally I think we need a better list!

I suppose that’s one of the best and hardest things with farming; you never know quite what’s going to be thrown at you, it’s very rare things go to plan, but where’s the fun in that! Right, better crack on. Janet x

Definitely need to make more time to stop and appreciate what’s around me!

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  1. Nice to hear that you are alive & kicking dearest Jan!!! Will call by in early September on way to Pembs to make sure you’re not sitting in the garden sunning yourself! Looking forward to seeing you for 1/2 an hour then!!! Lots of love Anne x

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